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Sabbath Service

To hear the entire Sabbath service from Saturday 12/10/2016 click on the link below:

Sabbath 12/10/2016

This service (broadcast from Ceres, Modesto) runs approx. 96 minutes.

Pastor, Mr. Steven LeBlanc gave the News Update. (This update begins at approx. 6:57 into the audio file)

Mr. Albert Guardamagni gave the sermon: “The Most Valuable Mirror” (This sermon begins at approx. 30:53 into the audio file)

Diligently Seek God

Last Sabbath I gave a sermon concerning the phrase “diligently seek” God as the phrase is used in Hebrews 11:6. In the sermon I used the term “command” because it is implied in the original Greek meaning of this phrase. This idea of “command” is used in the context of God’s obligation wherein He is bound to answer the prayers of His people. I want to make sure no one would think that I was saying that we could command God to do anything, which would be a foolish thought.

I was commenting on that phrase in that the words “diligently seek” were derived from one Greek word that pointed to God’s powerful commitment to answer the prayers of those who had entered into the covenant relationship with Him. One of the underlying words from which this phrase was derived is “command”. The implication was that the covenant relationship binds God to hear our prayers and answer them. Of course that obligation of God’s was based upon the fact that our requests were according to His will, and that we are obedient to Him. I spoke about this matter in a context that assures us that we are to boldly come before Him.

An example of this covenant relationship, which commands each party to respect and respond to the other, is a marital covenant. The status of being in that covenant relationship commands or demands respect from both parties if they are keeping their commitment to the covenant. God respects and never fails to keep His obligations under a covenant He enters with us and the same is required of His people.

It is my hope that my sermon and these comments will assist you in coming before God boldly in prayer, seeking the answers He has promised.

Sabbath Service

To hear the entire Sabbath service from Saturday 11/12/2016 click on the link below:

Sabbath 11/12/2016

This service (broadcast from Ceres, Modesto) runs approx. 81 minutes.

Elder, Mr. Wayne Carlson gave the sermonette: “A Diamond is Forever” (This sermonette begins at approx. 8:07 into the audio file)

Elder, Mr. David O’Malley gave the sermon: “The Foundation of Faith” (This sermon begins at approx. 26:04 into the audio file)