About Us

History of the Church of God-Established in Modesto

The Church of God-eim is a Church with a membership that is scattered across the United States and also found in some areas of Europe. It is a Sabbatarian Church that traces its history through the ages from the original church founded by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is at the center of the work of the church. Everything that is taught by the church is based upon His teaching, His example, and His will as expressed in the Bible.

For additional information about the church of God-eim, please write to us at Church of God-eim, P.O. Box 3332, Modesto, Ca 95353 with your questions. Or you may phone one of our representatives listed below.

Mailing Address:
The Church of God-eim
PO Box 3332
Modesto, CA 95353

Pastor Steven LeBlanc: (209) 480-8429
Elder Wayne Carlson: (209) 585-5278