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Christ Tells Us Why No One Can Be Really Prepared For What Is Ahead

In a recent sermon I started by saying, “You do not have enough of God’s spirit to face what is before us, nobody does.” Christ tells us why no one can be really prepared for what is ahead: “For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.” (Matt. 24:21)

These are Christ’s own words. In the years ahead the world will be facing a time so dangerous mankind will be helpless against the powers that are to be unleashed. We do not know when the events of the Tribulation will overtake the earth; but we can know and watch the trends in the world that culminate in the Tribulation. These trends reflect the troubles that have plagued mankind throughout history. They are, by and large, a result of mankind’s sin – his utter refusal to keep God’s laws. These constant evils traced throughout history are never defeated; and only at times, held at bay so as not to destroy mankind.

In Matthew 24 Christ lists these mostly man-caused evils for all to see. They are described in Matthew 24:4-7as religious deception – that is teaching a false religion but using Christ’s name – wars and kingdoms fighting kingdoms, famines, pestilences, and even what we call natural disasters – earthquakes. Christ makes it clear that he was describing only the beginning of mankind’s troubles, and he was not describing the end to man’s rule or sorrows at that time. (Matt. 24:8)

Christ also makes it clear, as quoted in verse 21, that in this prophecy he is describing a time when these cataclysmic events will culminate in the Tribulation. In Matthew 24 the Tribulation is only given a brief description. Christ, through the apostles’ writings, fills in some of the picture of mankind’s unsolvable ills. However, before the death of the last apostle, Christ revealed these prophecies with much greater detail in the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Revelation Christ interpreted the prophecies of Matthew 24 and the parallel prophecies in Luke 21 and Mark 13.

However, before giving the greater detail, Christ said these prophecies will “shortly take place” (Rev. 1:1). As people of our modern age, we tend to think this statement gives a measure of time, but this is wrong. It is not a measure of time in the sense of days or months. It is a description of the suddenness of destruction that will come because the prophesied end time events will have built such a huge momentum they will suddenly overpower the earth and bring on the most destructive “tsunami” to ever hit the globe.

“And unless those days be shortened, no flesh would be saved” (Matt. 24:22). This scripture goes on to state that the elect will be saved during this time of worldwide upheaval. To be one of the elect it is necessary to be preserved by keeping God’s commandments during this time of unprecedented disaster. These times will “test all those that dwell on the earth” (Rev.3:10).

What Christ warned about in Revelation will also test the Church. To persevere in keeping God’s ways and to live by every word of God, we must be led by the spirit of God. Nothing but God’s spirit can give us the powerful and unwavering Faith we will need to see us through the terrible times ahead. Therefore, we must use the weapons and tools God gives us NOW as we watch the world race toward the Tribulation. Through Bible study, prayer, fasting, sermons, and fellowship we can grow in His spirit. With His spirit powerfully working in our minds, we can overcome the time of testing that will bring the world to its knees. Right now we must be asking God for the help of His spirit to be prepared. If we are doing what we need to be doing, God will pour out more of His spirit to us as those days draw near.

We all need to keep in mind the very simple statement that Christ said, “See, I have told you beforehand” (Matt 24:25).

Recently I gave a sermon and discussed the prophecies of Matthew 24 and how they are explained by the seals of Revelation 6. I have set the following scriptures in a chart that reflects those connections.

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Silly kids……………Can you guess who it is? Here are some hints: Gabriel Plagenza, Georgia Plagenza, Adrian Lindenberg and Zoe Bremer

Prayer Requests

Prayer Requests and Updates


December 19, 2011

Update concerning Louis Lawson, Jr.:

The X-rays taken after Louis Jr.’s accident shows the ‘S’ curve in the neck is gone and his hips are at two different levels. This is causing pain and muscle spasms from the neck to lower back He is now seeing a chiropractor to get things back in place. The chiropractor is also doing acupuncture for the stiff muscles, soreness and pain. Please continue prayers for God to relieve the pain, get the bones back where they belong and heal him completely. We pray for God to restore him to good health as he was before. (The chiropractor said it was a ‘hard hit’. I guess so as they are saying the damage is over $5000 to the car. It is not so visible on the rear end of the car, it is along the sides all way to the front and under the back end and in trunk.)
Thank you for the continued prayers for our son Louis.

Louis and Mary Lawson


December 19, 2011

Update concerning Mary Lawson:

Thanks for the prayers. God has answered them. The Cardiologist said I had a “false positive reading’ but that actually my heart is ‘Strong as a horse and there is almost no blockage’. They said actually, “for a woman your age, you have almost nothing in the veins. Less than normal”. They advised I continue with the meds. I didn’t, I quit them all! Why take heart meds if the heart is OK? God has answered my prayers! They said there is something else going on and on occasion it affects the heart. That is in God’s hands and we can now put all of it out of mind. Thanks for the prayers.

Louis and Mary Lawson


December 15, 2011

Update concerning Mr. York and his fall:

Mr. York had been in the hospital after a fall that he had had. They did x-rays to see how the bone in his arm was knitting together and healing. The last x-ray showed that the fracture has completely healed. He had been working very hard with the physical therapist so he could go home. He was able to go home on December 23rd. He is very weak but continuing to work hard with the physical therapist. One item of concern is that he is seeing visions and it is very upsetting to Mr. York. It is not known how long that will continue on. Hopefully the part of the brain that was injured will become healed and he’ll be the same as always. He is very happy to be home. The York’s very much appreciate the prayers and cards. They are very thankful to God to see His healing hand.
Please continue to pray for Mr. York’s complete healing.

Thank you,

Harold and Penny York


November 17, 2011

Dear Brethren,

It is rather late on Wednesday evening as I write. I wanted to inform you that my
mother died earlier today, peacefully in my home. I was able to be by her side when she died.

Thank you for your prayers. My mother was a wonderful mother who was married to my father for nearly 60 years. I am thankful to God that I had such a loving and giving mother. I will miss her deeply. I will have more to say this Sabbath.

There will be no public funeral service. My brother will be flying in for Thanksgiving and he and I will spend the day together.

Thank you once again for your prayers…please do not send flowers.

With Love,
Steven LeBlanc
November 11, 2011

Update concerning Xander, Jody and Cindy Smith’s grandson:

He has been diagnosed with Multicystic Dyplastic Kidney Disease. Most children only have it in one kidney and can lead a normal life. Xander has it in both. He has lost about 50% functioning in them. He will be checked every three months unless something changes. At some point in the future he will have to either have a kidney transplant or go on dialisis. He still lives in pain off and on and often doesn’t feel very good.
We know God can heal him and feel it is a miracle he is alive as this is something he was born with and most children die within hours of birth if both kidneys are affected.
Thank you for all the beautiful cards sent to the family. Xander enjoys looking at his cards and it has been encouraging to Danielle and Tyson to see so much love and support.
Jody & Cindy Smith


With Sadness

Dear Brethren,

It is with shock and much sorrow that I inform you that Charles Laing of North Carolina recently died.   I received a phone call from his sister today. Charles died in his sleep.  At this time I do not have information regarding his burial or any other details.

Charles was a good friend to many of us and he will be deeply missed.  He helped many people in our church, and in his neighborhood where he lived.  Charles feared God and lived an upright life. 

He came from a large family… many who attend Churches of God.  Please pray for the comfort of his siblings.

With Sadness,
Steven LeBlanc


October 31, 2011

Crystal Altom was recently admitted into the hospital. Crystal is not responding to the steroid treatments she has been receiving in the hospital. She is still on oxygen at night. Please keep praying for Crystal and the entire family. It is a very stressful time for them all.

 Thank you,

The Altoms


October 7, 2011
The Lawson’s would like you to pray for Mary.   She is having a problem with her heart.   After the FOT she will will be having some tests.  At that time they will decide what else they may have to do.   Please pray that God will be with her and that God will open the blockage that she is suffering in her heart. 

Louis and Mary Lawson

An Update on October 31, 2011:

The Lawson’s called to report the results of her heart cath.  There were six small places with blockage, but they were small enough that nothing needed to be done at this time.  Something else is causing the heart problem.  We do not know what it is right now.  Mary is to watch her diet, and she will go back in three months to see how she is doing.

Thank you for all the prayers!

Louis and Mary Lawson


October 7, 2011

Request for Lucille Evans husband:

We received a call from the primary doctor’s office this afternoon regarding a sonar test that my husband Ernie took. He has an aneurysm in the abdomen area that needs fixing “as soon as possible.”

 We are now waiting for a call from the surgeon’s office as to how they want to proceed.

 Please prayer on his behalf. I wish to thank everyone for their prayers and I will send an update when I know more.

 Thank you,

 Lucille Evans 


October 7, 2011


Leonard Watson called this evening and asked for prayers for his wife Shirley. She fell coming up the porch yesterday and broke her arm. She is in a lot of pain right now. Please pray for relief from the pain.

Thank You

The Watson’s


October 1, 2011

Jody and Cindy Smith’s grandson, Xander has been having some tests ran.  They have found a cyst  in one kidney and a mass in the other kidney. Both kidneys have irreversible damage.  They are tryng to figure out what is wrong.  He is having some pain and discomfort.  He is two years old.  Please pray for God to intervene on his behalf.

 Thank you,

Jody and Cindy Smith


September 30, 2011

Nancy Vernon requested prayers for her husband Don. As you know he has had neck pain from injuries in the past years and he is also dealing with a bone spur in his neck which has been putting pressure in his neck for some time. The past 3 or 4 days he has been in really severe pain. They have tried everything to alleviate the pain but nothing seems to be helping. Please pray for the pain to calm down.

Thank You

Nancy Vernon

–As an update, Don’s pain subsided a little within a few hours of prayers being requested.  Please continue to pray for him as this is an ongoing pain.