Prayer Request

May 6, 2013

Corey Maker of the Tulsa Congregation requests prayers for his Grand Father [Bill Brown]
They have found spots on his liver and lungs which they believe are most likely Cancer–Bill Brown is in his 70’s. He has lost 20 pounds in the last 3 weeks…He also has severe pain in his left leg because of a tear at the base of his ankle. Please pray that God would lessen the pain and make him as comfortable as possible–your prayers are greatly appreciated.

May 4, 2013

Please pray for the Radio Stations we are on and the Radio Stations that we are trying to get on with as was mentioned by Mr. LeBlanc this last Sabbath. He mentioned Los Angeles, CA station with a time slot change. Also he was hoping for a second slot in Tulsa, OK and that slots would open up in San Jose, CA and Fresno, CA.


Prayer Updates

April 15, 2013

Concerning Max and Sharon Enders-

Max and I both would like to thank God and each and everyone of the brethren for all the prayers and the wonderful words of encouragement with the cards.
We have had sons that have come home to help us since Max and I were recovering from surgery. My son Matthew the diabetic son who lives with us had to have surgery on his bowel 4/5/13 and they found a congential extra loop in his small bowel that caused his food to not digest. It was causing a increase of insulin demands to keep his diabetes in control and continous vomiting. He is recovery with no complications.
God heard our prayers for all of us in the Enders family. Yes, we have started to make some lifestyle changes and we have grown together as a family unit to get thru the last 7 weeks with 3 surgeries.
Max is recovering from his triple by past heart surgery with no complications. He will be able to start driving in town this next week which will make him happy since now he is the back seat driver with me driving and not me being the backseat driver.
I saw the oncologist this week and will not require any radiation or chemo after my breast surgery. I finally am feeling some energy return to my body that I have not had this whole last year.

Thank you,
The Enders