October 12, 2012

Dear Brethren,

Jennie Tremble died early this morning in Tulsa, Oklahoma at a Hospice care home–Mike was with her at her death. Last evening the family, including Mike, their children Kristie, Kellie and Kimmie as well as their son-in law Jeremy Kirby, along with their grandchildren Zachary and Jonathan were able to spend time together with Jennie.

Mike mentioned to me this morning that he was thankful to God that Jennie, though very uncomfortable at times, did not suffer extreme pain in her final days.

Jennie was a wonderful example of a woman totally committed to God, her husband and her family. We await that wonderful time in the not too distant future when we will see Jennie again at Christ’s return. It was an honor for me personally to get to know Jennie. She will be greatly missed by many in the Church and others who knew her in the community.

The date and location of Memorial services is yet to be decided. We will inform you as soon as we have details.

With Love,
Steven LeBlanc


Prayer Request

September 19, 2012

Please pray for Mark Kenyon, son of Barbara Roush. He was rushed to the hospital with difficult breathing and fluid on his abdomen. They drained some of the fluid off. On September 23rd, he went home from the hospital but he was not doing well. The doctors are trying to set him up for a liver transplant. Keep Mark in your prayers. And please don’t forget me, his mother.

From Barbara Roush, mother.