Prayer Update

September 1, 2012

Gracie Cable, the young 6 year old relative of Axie Eury, who’s heart was severely damaged is going to undergo heart transplant surgery tonight, Sept 1st. The Eury’s would ask you to please remember her in your prayers.
Thank You So Much
The Eury’s

Prayer Update

August 31, 2012

Update concerning Nancy Vernon’s Mother, Iva Queen, of Andrews, N.C. :
Another surgery on her back was scheduled Aug 21st. Since the first surgery (on August 9th) she had been unable to sit upright or get up without severe pain. She came through the second back surgery OK, she lost a lot of blood though and her vertebrae was so brittle it would not withstand the usual surgical procedure required. But as of August 31st, they have been able to get her up on her feet for a few minutes and actually sitting upright for even longer! She is still very weak and unable to eat very much (the pain meds are robbing her appetite). She has been slowly improving. We are all very encouraged by this and hoping she will be able to get into rehab sooner than expected. We’re very grateful again for all your prayers going out for her. Please don’t stop!

Many thanks,

The Vernon Family

Prayer Update

August 24, 2012

My son Mark is requesting prayer for his healing. He is in hospital in Arkansas. He has personally requested for me to ask the Church for prayer for his healing. He is in serious condition. He is a diabetic, has cirrhosis of liver, has acites (excessive fluid) in his abdomen, which makes it hard for him to breath, not to mention the pain and pressure on his other vital organs. Your prayers will be much appreciated and thank all of you so much.

From Mark’s Mother , Barbara Roush,
Church of God eim, Tulsa