As We Draw Closer to the Feast Days

As we draw closer to the Feast days, you will undoubtedly experience disruptions of all sorts. Troubles you couldn’t have foreseen will pop up, causing you concern, anger, even depression. This happens every year in tandem with the Feasts and it doesn’t happen by coincidence. We have an enemy.

Our enemy is well known to most of us who have been in the church any length of time, but for the newer members this nefarious spirit may not be so obvious. Having come out of a world that treats the idea of Satan as though he were a mere blow up toy with a red suit, horns, and a pitch fork, it can be hard to take him seriously. But we all need to…dead seriously.

Everywhere you look these days you see evil afoot. Whether it is in the political arena, worldwide disputes, or in your own neighborhood. Robberies, murders, mayhem of all sorts dominate our daily news. And that fellow characterized as being in the red suit sporting some horns just laughs. It is because from the beginning of our creation he has caused harm to humanity. He deceived Eve, brought Adam down, inspired the death of Abel, and has gone on in like manner ever since. He wants to bring God’s plan to ruin:

Revelation 12:9 The great dragon was hurled down-that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him. NIVNow you should realize the upcoming Feast of Trumpets and the following Feast Day of Atonement are all about his overthrow. Christ qualified to be king over this earth, and he has been preparing a governing body to assist him in setting up the Kingdom that officially belongs to his Father, but is the one he is appointed to rule over. We are that governing body – all the saints who will be resurrected or changed at his coming. Satan hates Christ, and he hates us.

In his wildest dreams, Satan wants to believe he can still defeat Christ. He believes if he could tear down the church completely, right now, or in the near future, he would prevent Christ’s return because Christ clearly taught the church would prevail until he returns. Satan is looking for any means he can use to make that the crucial test as to whether Christ is really fit to rule. Can he defeat Christ? Can he defeat us? No. Unless we cave in:

Hebrews 12:12 Wherefore lift up the hands which hang down, and the feeble knees; KJVWho is Satan, anyway? We know he was the archangel that stood at God the Father’s very throne. He was created to be beautiful and very talented. If you notice from its description the throne area is very beautiful. It only stands to reason Satan would be beautiful since he served there. But notice, I said he was created. He is not God, but he is a god wanna be. He gave it his best shot many millennia ago, perhaps even millions of years ago, when he persuaded a third of the angels to join with him in a grand scheme to knock God off His throne. But what did Christ say about his effort to overthrow God? “I saw Satan like lightening fall from heaven.” That’s an image similar to how we toss annoying things away, isn’t it. Things haven’t changed, and Satan has no more power today than he did back then.

But what has happened to him since? Look around you. We learn by the things we see about the things we cannot see. We look at our children today, many of whom were quite beautiful when born, but now because of rebelliousness are marred, disfigured, garish and painted with all sorts of emblems and designs they will wear for the rest of their lives because their minds are darkened. That is what happens when we become dark, like Satan. So imagine what he must look like now. Not a pretty picture.

But as I said when I started out, you are probably noticing a lot of small or maybe large events surrounding your life that are causing you problems. Maybe even great big problems. The same one who managed to get Adam and Eve thrown out is the one who is causing you these problems now.

So what should you do? Pray. Just like Christ did. He set us an example of going to seek His Father’s help whenever he faced difficulties. He always received the help he needed.

Besides praying, we can also just flat out resist Satan or his demons whenever we feel they are meddling in our affairs. We can refuse to accept his negative thinking and/or attitudes. Turn on a tape of our church music, listen to a sermon, do a Bible Study. Satan hates anything to do with God. He will leave. Even more prevailing, ask Christ or God the Father to rebuke him. If we resist his efforts to sink our boat, he will leave us alone and go find something else to take his anger out on:

James 4:7 Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. KJVYes, the Feast days are coming. Don’t allow the spoiler to keep you from looking forward to God’s Feast days. Maintain your focus and continue to pray, “Thy Kingdom Come.” It’s coming closer every day and certainly our enemy hates the very thought of it. Don’t allow him to discourage you. Your problems will go away as you go to God in faith asking for His help.

Have a great Feast!