Begin Now to Focus on Preparing Our Hearts and Minds for the Feast

The Feast of Trumpets is on the 14th of September, less than a week away.  After that date, it always seems the next two weeks go by on hyper-speed, and we are at the opening night of the Feast of Tabernacles.  Nobody will be perfectly ready for opening night services, but if we begin now to focus on preparing our hearts and minds for the Feast, the less important things will not ruin our Feast.

Few in this world have the understanding of God’s plan of salvation for all mankind.  You do, or you wouldn’t be preparing to go to this virtually unknown “conference”.  Appreciate the fact that you are a part of that little flock to which God has given the understanding of the great events ahead (Luke 12:32).  Here are some approaches that will help you prepare for this year’s Feast.

When that cynical attitude pops into your head, “I have heard it all before”, squash it.  How many Feasts have you been to?  Thirty maybe forty?  If you have been to this many, you are not a spring chicken.  So when was the last time you couldn’t remember where you left your glasses, bill fold, or your memory?  Scientists tell us you probably have forgotten a good part of what you have heard in past years.  Here is an interesting quote:

“Things that live in memory have no visible means of support.”  In other words you don’t have a page to look at.  It’s lodged in your brain but there is nothing visual you can refer to.  That is why repetition is important for helping you remember.

Start now in doing your part to pray for the speakers so that their sermons will be inspired.  Include in your prayers that you will be ready to listen to the messages.  If you prepare your heart for the messages and ask God to inspire the men, you will learn something new, renew something you may have forgotten, or you will have a piece of precious understanding you have clung to over the years renewed with greater clarity.

Prepare yourself to be with the greatest number of God’s people in attendance since last year’s Feast.  That means there will be more of God’s Spirit in one place than any time in the past year.  Be prepared to take advantage of fellowshipping with like minded people.  Use this time to support your spiritual family.  Share your experiences of God working in your life and listen to your brethrens’ spiritual lessons.  Doing so will strengthen everyone.  By true fellowship we can contribute greatly to the spiritual strength of all who attend.  In turn you will be strengthened.

In the past I have heard the statement that you learn by doing.  We are to learn to fear God by the doing of his Commandment of attending the Feast.  This reference to fear means to have unlimited respect for God and for the truth that the Feast represents about the Kingdom of God.  This reference to learning to fear God by keeping his Feasts is unique in God’s word.  Innumerable scriptures tell us to learn to fear God.  However, the Feast of Tabernacles is the only reference to learning to fear God directly connected to a specific time of year.  This teaches us to view these eight days, more than any other time of the year, as the ultimate opportunity to rehearse God’s plan for all mankind and for us individually.

The Feast is just a short time away, so prepare your heart and mind to receive this blessing of eight days being where God has placed his name.