Church of God

Who We Are

We are the Church of God - Established in Modesto. We are headquartered in Modesto, California. We are a Sabbatarian Christian church, not aligned with any other organization calling itself the Church of God. Our fundamental beliefs are posted on this website.

Our congregations meet in Ceres, California, Tulsa, Oklahoma, and Akron, Ohio. We have other members scattered throughout the United States and some in Europe as well. Our scattered members participate in our Internet Services each Sabbath.

For additional information, please refer to our other featured pages posted on this website.

Minister’s Comments

July 31, 2016                   Prophecy Bible Study 

This coming Sabbath, August 6, Mr. LeBlanc (World Watch Today Radio KCBC AM 770) will be holding a prophecy Bible Study at 2pm in Sacramento, CA

Prophecy…More Terrorist Attacks coming to Europe!

Free Seminar Covering:

• The prophetic impact of the Middle East refugee crisis

• Shocking European election results: Europe in prophecy (Revelation 13 & 17)

• Who are the Kings of the South and North described in the Daniel 11 prophecy?

• Updated sneak preview handout of The 40 Sins of America


Upcoming Bible Study